As usual a Technical Water Polo Congress was held again right before the opening the post-Olympic FINA World Championships here in Barcelona, Spain and approved several changes. Most of the new rules intend to assist in removing static situations and providing more clarity to the correct application of the rules, regarding advantage and wasting-time rules. All new rules shall be applied in the new season on FINA and LEN level. 


Some of the new rules might change the style of playing. Now an exclusion is already to be called for a player for holding with two hands or use two hands on an opponent anywhere in the field of play, other rules are making impeding more difficult. In case of a free-throw now the defending player shall move away from the player taking the free-throw before raising an arm to block a pass or shot. The waste of time by the attacking team is to be punished from now on; right at the moment teams can only lose the ball by the 30-second-rule. … Read more


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